Bio-carbon Project and Policy Advisors



Grassland owners now have the ability to generate emission reduction carbon credits through the use of the Climate Action Reserve’s Grassland Project Protocol. Through sustainable management and protection under a perpetual conservation easement, this protocol can be used to avoid the conversion of grasslands to croplands.

This protocol has many appealing aspects to it including; 1) the aggregation of landowners should help reduce transaction costs for monitoring, reporting, and verification, 2) the use of look-up tables for determining baseline emissions and look up tables that provide calculated project emissions based on rigorous modeling, 3) no requirement for project level data, e.g. soil samples or project-level modeling, and 4) flexible crediting periods, and 5) sensible verification rules. Under this protocol, CarbonVerde® has the flexibility to:

1. Act as a technical consultant to develop a project for individual grassland owners,

2. Act as a Cooperative Developer that aggregates several grassland owners into a pool and manages this cooperative, and

3. Act as a Project Developer, taking on the cost of developing and aggregating grassland owners.