Bio-carbon Project and Policy Advisors

Steven Ruddell, ~ President

Steve Ruddell

Steven Ruddell is Founder and Principal at CarbonVerde, LLC (2009), a bio-carbon project and policy consulting firm with headquarters in Durango, Colorado. As a professional forester and resource economist, Mr. Ruddell has over 35 years of experience in public and private resource management, forest policy, economics & market research, manufacturing management, and supply chain management. For the past 18 years Mr. Ruddell has lead several private sector companies and organizations in investing in conservation and sustainability initiatives using market-based mechanisms that include bio-carbon asset management strategies for trading emission reduction credits, and investing in sustainable management practices.

Mr. Ruddell conducts investment due diligence, emission reduction feasibility studies, and manages project development through the registration of grassland and forestland offset credits for its clients. He works with landowners to support the commercialization and delivery of high quality emission reduction credits to be sold in the California’s Air Resources Board’s (ARB) compliance market, and the Climate Action Reserve (CAR), and Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and American Carbon Registry (ACR) voluntary markets internationally.

CarbonVerde® has worked domestically on ARB projects on tribal lands, Alaska native corporation lands, for industrial and non-industrial landowners located in Alaska, California, Florida, Michigan, Louisiana, Arkansas, Washington, Maine, Virginia, Tennessee, Idaho, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Arizona, South Carolina, and Oregon. He was a member of the international peer review team for the ACR’s Forest Carbon Project Standard in 2010, and has peer reviewed two ACR methodologies.

Internationally, Mr. Ruddell works on Jurisdictional REDD project (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) in tropical forested states and provinces around the world. He specializes in developing sustainable agricultural commodity supply chains that can be verified deforestation free. Mr. Ruddell has been approved by the Verified Carbon Standard Association as an expert in Improved Forest Management, REDD, and Jurisdictional and Nested REDD project types. Mr. Ruddell has been the forestry expert on third-party validation teams for several VCS Improved Forest Management and REDD methodologies.

Working in voluntary and compliance bio-carbon offset markets since 2003, Mr. Ruddell has influenced the development of sustainability standards, and US and regional forest-climate policies through his involvement and leadership in; the Forest-Climate Working Group, the Society of American Foresters Climate Change Task Force, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative forest management standard, and the Chicago Climate Exchange’s offsets protocols. In 2009, through his work with the Forest-Climate Working Group, Mr. Ruddell provided testimony before the House Agriculture Committee on pending climate change legislation, and briefed Senate and House Agriculture Committee staff as part of a panel on the role of land use bio-carbon offsets in US climate legislation.

Steve holds a BS in Forest Management from Utah State University, an MS in Forestry and MBA in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University, and has completed three years of post-graduate work towards a PhD in natural resource economics.